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Year : 2006  |  Volume : 11  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 54-

Bhave' text book of adolescent medicine

YC Mathur 
 President IAP 2001, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Y C Mathur
President IAP 2001, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

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Swati Y. Bhave

1100 pages, hard cover, published by Jaypee Brothers, New Delhi, Jan 2006

This is the first text book in India on Adolescent medicine It comes at a very opportune time, when adolescent specific concepts and issues are gathering into a storm. The need for a good companion that can sensitise the practicing specialists and persons working on adolescent health concepts is a palpable one.

The adolescent healthcare scenario in India is a rather fragmented one at this moment, with efforts being made by individuals, institutions and governmental bodies, but there is little, if any coordination. Over this background, this book comes as a welcome respite, providing insight into the micro- as well as macro- issues, the ground realities, and the deserved attention today's adolescent is attracting in national policies and resource allocation.

The editor-in-chief must be congratulated for organising a most formidable array of distinguished and renowned contributors; both from India and abroad .This book is a conglomeration of years of collective experience of adolescent specialists. It is readily foreseeable, that this book shall act as a catalyst to optimise and sensitise our medical, societal, and governmental policies to adolescent specific issues. People already engaged in adolescent health-care shall find it useful, as it will broaden their perspectives. At the other end, people wanting to work for the cause of adolescent health shall find it indispensable for knowledge and referencing. Institutions shall find this volume a valuable addition to their libraries.

This book offers in its contents, an exhaustive compilation of updated knowledge on topics related to adolescent health. The bulk of the book of 1100 pages is welcomed as the text has been presented in a very reader friendly format making it a comfortable and joyful read. The tables and figures have been thoughtfully presented and help in compressing data for better comprehension. Data has been presented in a manner that attracts the specialist's attention to the larger issues beyond individual care, besides enabling health planners to devise more effective programs for the benefit of adolescents.

In the medical issues in addition to growth development puberty and common medical problems it also has exhaustive sections on various surgical speciality problems, including exhaustive topics in general surgery, ENT Ophthalmic and orthopaedic surgery, and non invasive investigations. It covers all aspects of sports medicine. It also gives common lab values and drug dosages Sensitive and important issues, such as adolescent sexuality, gender issues, and behavioural problems, mental health, stress, anxiety depression and suicide, have been accorded appropriate detail It goes beyond the four walls of the hospitals into the community to discuss issues of street children and labour, juvenile crime, substance abuse and community programs and disaster related concerns of adolescents

The book has been written with a passion that is very much palpable- a passion for the care of adolescents. Being the first volume of its kind in the country, it should serve the purpose of a reference document for adolescent care. Some typographical errors exist but are acceptable because the book has been brought out at a surprisingly fast pace to fill the lacuna and speed was of essence. The book takes the reader through each and every aspect of adolescence - a phase of life that is the background for a whole plethora of diseases and issues, and hence will be useful not just for medical persons but also for paramedical , community and social workers , parents , in fact any one dealing with adolescents . Having inputs from the champions and pioneers of adolescent health, this book extends the concept of adolescent health care from the clinics to the community.

This book is a must for any person who is concerned with the important issue of adolescent health.